Environmental Policy

Almerico understands the importance of having an effective environmental policy.

Our policy was formulated after careful consideration by the management team who are committed to reducing the company Carbon Footprint and are selective about the materials we use in projects carried out. The company understands the importance of re-using and recycling of materials and is committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner and for this reason has partnered with Veolia Environmental Services who are offering innovative re-cycling solutions and are tailoring their services to meet our re-cycling demands. Almerico promotes reduction, reuse and recycling, and supports Energy Recovery both as a means to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and to cut greenhouse gases. We believe in the following…

  • A greener and cleaner environment for all
  • Prevention of pollution in all areas of our operation
  • A programme of continual improvement in everything we do
  • Keeping ourselves aware of and compliant with, all current and future legislation
  • Reduced use of natural resources
  • Minimise waste and maximise recycling/reuse

This Policy is communicated and made available to all company personnel, supply chain, members of the public and other interested third parties.

For further information our Environmental Policy is available to download from the download area.